September 02, 2014 / 15 ♥

Mom should be honored that I even let her touch my pristine fur coat. 

September 01, 2014 / 22 ♥
Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!

Happy Labor Day! Hope everyone is having a fun weekend!

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August 31, 2014 / 50 ♥
Whoa! It’s already Sunday?!

Whoa! It’s already Sunday?!

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August 30, 2014 / 33 ♥

New addition to our bunny condo! Like we need more real estate 😜

August 29, 2014 / 33 ♥
Ready for our 3 day weekend!

Ready for our 3 day weekend!

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Throwback Thursday: Used to be a yoga instructor, but mom was my only student.

Throwback Thursday: Used to be a yoga instructor, but mom was my only student.

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August 26, 2014 / 16 ♥

Greta, Brady, Linus, and Tanner are just a few of the MANY rabbits waiting to find a forever home at Southeastern PA-DE HRS shelter. We have made donations in STARS-AND-SPIRALS' name to HRS in Delaware and Georgia to help pay for medical costs, maintenance, food, and toys. Instead of splitting the funds we raised to each shelter, the winner helped us double it by opting to donate the money that would have been spent for the free t-shirt. We are so grateful to have such wonderful followers that want to make a difference in the house rabbit community. If you want to get involved, contact your local House Rabbit Society or animal shelter for volunteer information. You can also donate, every penny counts!

Question from breatheelegance

August 26, 2014 / 2 ♥

hello :) ive just found your blog and im so thankful i have, i know that my blog type is more luxury and mostly has nothing to do with buns, but ive just shared your post about the bunnyversary and i dont really care if i lose followers... i have a little bun who's been with me for two years now, he was my 19th birthday present and nothing in this life has changed me more than him. im not really after the prize but i want to tell you how much i appreciate your cause.. xxx have a lovely day! <3

Thank you so much for participating in our giveaway, you are so sweet! Your words made me smile and it is wonderful to know that we have such lovely followers like you <3 I agree, the buns have definitely changed my life too and couldn’t imagine living without them. Say hello to your little bun for me and give him lots of head rubs & kisses! 

Nugget & Emilee send binkies and flops your way <3 

August 25, 2014 / 23 ♥

We are so happy to celebrate our bunniversary with you all! Thank you everyone for helping us raise money to donate to House Rabbit Society and congratulations to the Bunniversary Giveaway winners!



Third winner- OEHT9

August 25, 2014 / 34 ♥

BUNNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ENTERING AND HELPING US SPREAD THE WORD FOR A GREAT CAUSE =) We read many wonderful comments and messages in the last 24 hours and am truly grateful to you guys. It makes us happy to know that we can make a difference if we all work together and that’s exactly how we wanted to celebrate our 1 year bunniversary <3 You guys helped raise $30 USD that we will split between HRS shelters in Georgia and Delaware. Thank you guys so much for participating! Winners will be announced soon so stay tuned.

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